Oh Fleurs!


Inspired by the naturally untamed and all things pretty. Oh Fleurs! specializes in weddings, events and workshops in the Montreal area.


Ever since I can remember I have been creating and designing. From drawing the little mermaid to paintings larger than myself, art runs deep within my soul. Attending college and university in fine arts, and then completing the floral design program, I feel the two have married each other perfectly. Whether it's the way moss grows on trees or the way water flows in streams, I am constantly inspired by nature. This, along with my understanding of colours, shapes, proportions, textures and my love and knowledge of flowers, plants and floral design come together beautifully in every floral piece I create. Working at a flower shop for 5 years, I was able to create everything from a small thank you bouquet, to centerpieces for intimate dinners and/or events to small and large weddings alike.

Coming from a family where my grandparents have been in love and married for more than 60 years, I was bound to be a true romantic at heart. I naturally fell in love with weddings and I love how every single one is unique and different from the next. I love how working with each couple, I'm able to help create their vision and overall mood for their special day. 

Being a mommy to two beautiful twin girls, my goal was to be a business owner, to show my little ladies that any dream they have can become a reality with a lot of hard work, passion and believing in yourself. I am now able to master my craft in my studio, offering my services to Montreal and its surrounding areas.

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